Frequently Asked Questions

Perenco Energy Plc Company provides a full investment service focused on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading market.

Yes, we are registered in the UK. Name" Perenco ENERGY PLC " Registration number 04006589. You can check our company details online at the Companies House website.

Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete. Simply click "CREATE ACCOUNT" button on the top right of our website and fill in all the required fields.

No, you can't have more than one account per user unless you were given a special admin permission to have more. If you are caught by having more than 1 account you are risking all your accounts and funds being suspended.

First of all, you need to register a new account, select an investment plan and make a deposit of at least $50 through the popular payment systems.

A user can make deposits in his or her account as and when they want. There is no limitation on the number of deposits that a user can make into their account.

We accept: Perfect Money, Bitcoin USDT (TRC20), Ethereum and Payeer.

The minimum amount of investment is only $50. The maximum amount is Unlimited. Each investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.

Yes, you can reinvest. However we allow Capitalization of investments from your account balance.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Payment System Always Instant.

There are no any hidden fees to withdraw your funds.

Yes, you will get upto 5% referral commission when your downlines makes deposit.

Yes, you can get a referral commission without making a personal deposit.

Customer trust and deposit protection are guaranteed by the creation of a reserve fund, which under adverse circumstances will become a source of fulfillment of our financial obligations.We provide 100% Money back Guarantee.

As a rule, money is credited to your account instantly, Your deposit is automatically added after 1-3 Blockchain network confirmations for cryptocurrencies but for Perfectmoney and Payeer this be add as soon as you paid funds.

All payments are processed within 12 to 24 business hours .Normally we proceed Fastly from Monday to Friday.

No, there are no fees for withdrawal. Payment Processors charge some fees for sending funds we have no control on it.

Most likely the reason is as follows, you can withdraw funds only to the wallet from which you replenished the deposit. If you changed your payment details when withdrawing funds, this application will be rejected. If the reason is something else, contact technical support to fix the problem.

No, you do not need to make a deposit to take part in our referral program.

The affiliate program allows project participants to receive additional profit of 5% on every investment of your referrals.

You can find a referral link in your account, which has two goals - it allows beginners to go to our website and serves as an identifier for a partner who is entitled to a partner fee for attracting new investors.

No, the company's rules prohibit such actions, which are considered by the site administration as fraudulent and are punished by blocking accounts and freezing accounts.